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Are your loved ones protected if the worst happened?

Creating wealth by saving for your goals, aspirations, or your retirement is an important part of financial planning. But so to is protecting your wealth by having the right insurance; set up in the right way, so that you can protect yourself and your family financially should the worst happen.

Think you dont need it?  Think it won’t happen to you?

There’s no need for any hard sell or spin with statistics.  If you can’t work because of injury or ill health, could you cope with your mortgage or rent? How many of your monthly outgoings will stop because you can’t work? Many people overlook the importance of the right cover.

You can buy insurance from a price comparison website, or even the supermarkets these days. But do you know the claims history of the company you’re buying from?  Should your plan be set up in trust?

We believe that face to face advice is best and we can offer you:

  • Life Assurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Mortgage Protection, Income Protection Plans
  • Whole of Life Plans
  • Business Protection
  • Accident Sickness
  • Unemployment Cover

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What are the different mortgage options?

There are a number of different mortgage options available.

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