Making the most from your money

Most of us have to work hard to earn it.  The good news is, you don’t have to have a lot of money to invest.

There are many ways which to save & invest, so making the right choice can be a confusing process. And getting it wrong could be disastrous.

Regular bank accounts very rarely offer exciting rates of interest, and when you take into account the effects of paying tax on your interest, and also inflation, the value of your money can actually move backwards.

As part of our fact finding process, we’ll establish your investment goals, how much (if any) risk you want to take, and how long you want to invest for, along with considerations such as your tax status, and if you are investing for growth or income

We have a range of investments available to suit most people’s needs – from a cautious bond for someone who doesn’t like the ups and downs of the stock market, to more speculative funds for the more adventurous investor.

*The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise.  You may not get back the amount originally invested.

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